Acrylic Mirrors

Acrylic Mirrors

Pocket Mirror Pocket Mirror Pocket Mirror

A small acrylic mirror in a felt case.
Ideal for bags or pockets.

Can be held in hand or stand open on surface.

Available in: orange, pink, green or yellow.

Dimensions: 7,5cm * 7cm * 0,8cm

PRICE: 12.00 €


hand mirrorHand MirrorsHand MirrorsHand Mirrors

Acrylic hand mirrors. Can be held in hand or stand on surface.

Choise of “Hand Mirror” or “Turtle Mirror“.

Available in: red, green, blue, yellow

Dimensions: 10,5cm * 15cm * 4,5cm or 11cm * 17cm * 5,5cm


windowfelt7 Window Mirror

Sticks on windows using two suction cups.

Available in:  yellow, green, red or blue.

Dimensions: 12,5cm * 23,5cm