Felt and E.V.A. objects

Felt and E.V.A. objects


Bathroom Lizard Bathroom Lizard Bathroom Lizard


Toothbrush and toothpaste holder

Sticks on the bathroom mirror using a suction cup.
Can hold two normal sized toothbrushes.

Available in:  yellow, green or red.

Dimensions: 14cm * 24cm

Door Hangers mouse hanger ghost hanger

Felt cases for door knobs.
Fits most door knobs or handles.

Choice of “Ghost Hanger” or “Mouse Hanger

Available in: Orange, Pink, Green, Yellow

Dimensions: 19cm * 14cm or 22,5cm * 14cm

Cable Creatures Cable Creatures cable creature

Small cable organizers in four different colors.
Yellow, blue, green, red.
made out of e.v.a.

Dimensions: 5cm * 10cm * 6,8cm


Sitting Men Sitting Men Sitting Men Sitting Men

Two felt boxes for small objects and jewelry.

Available in: pink and green, or yellow and orange.

Dimensions: 13,3cm * 10cm * 9,5cm