International architectural competition for the recreation of the Theatrou square in Athens.

2010, 3rd prize

with Alexandra Stratou, Dionisis Zaharias.

The proposal celebrates local diversity: historical layering and continuity, dissimilar spatial envelopes, flows, cohabitation and tolerance, are used to reverse stagnation and engender a vibrant mixed use area. A space generating system is devised using diversity and coherence. In Plan: horizontal planes paved with different materials run perpendicular to the natural inclination and main circulation path. In section: uniform material vertical surfaces act as boundaries to define stepped platforms for urban uses.

Architecture project team: Alexandra Stratou, Dionisis Zaharias, Philippos Photiadis | Collaborators:  Theodora Moustaki, Ilias Pitsios, Nikos Efthimiopoulos, Melanie Alkidi

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