BLOCK 39: strips and loops

BLOCK 39: strips and loops


Competition entry 2010

With Alexandra Stratou, Dionisis Zaharias.

Block 39 within the larger urban context

Block 39 is accessible from an intricate network of traffic arteries that define its boundaries. The proposal takes advantage of the block’s ac­cessibility while its main goal is to introduce a porous structure that reinforces the vibrant vision of the brief by encouraging connectivity and mobility.

Center for Promotion of Science

The building‘s circulation diagram is conceived as two interlocking loops allowed to evolve through manipulation of the section of parallel strips that define the territory.

Strips: Space and circulation are organized in accordance to the overall block structure on parallel strips. Wider strips housing the main programmatic areas are spaced apart by thinner strips –service cores. The cores contain vertical circulation, WC’s and different visitor or maintenance facilities and are attributed functions according to the programs they are adjacent to.

Loops: exhibition loop: a looped route through the entrance lobby and exhibition spaces – both permanent and temporary. outdoor loop : a looped promenade that crosses through the building out onto the science garden and up to the “rolling hilltops”formed by the planted roofs of two main exhibition volumes.

Collaborators: Marilia Trogada, Ilias Pitsios, Nikos Efthimiopoulos, Pezhman Rahmatkhah

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