Vacation House on a steep plot, Vagia, Patmos

The main architectural elements used to compose the house are the retaining wall and the white building volume, typically found in Patmos’ rural plots. Supporting elements are vegetation (related to Patmos flora) in order to blend with the existing environment, and planned exterior spaces such as courtyards and patios with pergolas for optimal summer living.

The building is placed in the upper part of the plot and evolves linearly, parallel to the slope between stone walls (a reference to the dry stone walls found in the lower part of the plot and absent in the upper part). These walls are adapted to the site contours and view orientation. Two white volumes break down the continuous masonry, and define outer spaces.

Design 2015-16

Project team: Pezhman Rahmatkah, Olga Keleki -Architects | D. Theodosiou – Structural Engineer